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March 22, 2013

It will be my fifth day staying at Maksimov clinic in Russia.  Four turbulent days.  I arrived on Monday. Did not eat in order to have blood work. Had it and later ECG. Then on Tuesday a lot of tests. It is pretty long distance and hospital provided me with wheelchair and personal transportation assistant. She was great managing my tests with lines around. We were moving 3 floor, then 4 floor and then back and so on because we need to stay in line For each of tests.  What surprised me that as I understand most tests were done together by technician and doctor because result were given almost immediately, exept MRI, which I had on Wednsday. In Russian it call MRT. Doctor. Fedorenko visit me everyday and explain everything and answer all my question. On Thursday evening he came with my chart and film and show everything. He told that I do not have any enhancement, which I almost always do not have. Despite long history of disease. Doctor told that due to my condition he does not expect any significant improvement but hoping it stop progression and prevent wheelchair. Theoretically speaking, he gave me opportunity to back up, which no way possible.  I am going forward with support of my family, friends and you, the readers of this blog.

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